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In the past few weeks, I have seen two cases of very rich folks who plunged into their death because of this whole crisis on ground and it really breaks my heart to see such happen because they have families that have been left behind go through a lot of emotional pain.

Now, I know that a lot of times, these financial pressures can be very tough, I have been there but you see there are several reasons why you shouldn’t slip in that place of financial depression and I am going to be showing you some of these reasons.


You have to understand that financial crises are not the end of your life: While it is true that these crises sometimes appear as though it’s going to kill you, they won’t. They are always not the end of your life, unless you make it that way. Therefore, refuse to allow it become the end of your life.


You have to understand that financial crises do not define who you are:  In most cases when people have found themselves in some very complicated financial matters, they somehow begin to think that their situation has become who they are. But you see, that is not true. Never ever allow your financial situation to define who you are.  Whatever you are going through is just a passing phase, and just the way it has come, that is how it will go. But you must maintain composure and confidence during that phase to be able to see the end of that crisis.


You have to understand that financial crises are a part of life’s experience: If there is one thing you must understand in life, is that financial crises are a part and parcel of life. It will always be there, so for that reason, it shouldn’t be treated as a big deal. It happens and everybody goes through this. But the interesting thing is that it is not permanent. It is only when you treat it as a big deal that is when it becomes a permanent experience. Your reaction to a financial crisis, will always determine if you will come out of it or not. For example, those who go as far as ending their lives because of the financial problems they have found themselves, never ever get to come out of it. Because they reacted in a way they are not supposed to react.

But if you truly want to come out of financial issues, don’t magnify it. Don’t give it so much importance than it ought to have. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t take it seriously, I am only saying handle it with wisdom. If you magnify it, it will consume you and probably destroy you. But if you handle it with wisdom and patience, you will surely come out of it. Remember, it’s only when you are working towards a solution that is when you will get a solution. So always remember that financial crisis or crisis in general is a part and parcel of life, it will surely come and it will surely go, if you will respond appropriately.


You have to understand that the financial crisis is a blessing in disguise: Most people don’t always realize that the financial crisis is a blessing in disguise, so they end up reacting in ways that jeopardizes the blessing or the benefit that the crisis has brought into their lives. Sometimes, they get so overwhelmed to the point that they can’t really think anymore. They get incapacitated and are unable to come up with any kind of solutions because that is what financial depression actually does to you. However, this shouldn’t be your case. You must learn to see every financial crisis or any kind of crisis as a blessing in disguise. You may not immediately see it but in the long run, you will be grateful it happened.

I remember hearing the success story of a couple a few years ago. They had well-paying jobs and everything was going smoothly. They took some loans and had a couple of credit cards here and there. But somewhere along the line, the man of the house lost his job and was no longer able to meet up with his credit card payments. As if that was not enough, his wife was relieved of her duties from the office a few months later and it was as though all hell had broken loose.

They had no money coming in but the payment on their cards kept piling up. Things became pretty bad to the point that they lost their house. But while this was happening, the man got an idea on how to build van tents for camping and it began to sell. At first it didn’t look as though it was going to change anything but guess what, the orders became so much that he had to start it up as a business and their finance turned around. Their crisis finally led him to discover how to create something which ultimately changed their financial life for good.

Now, this can be your case as well. In every crisis, look for the blessings behind it because every crisis comes with its own blessings or benefits.


Financial crises are designed to make you better not to destroy you: At first it will always look as though the situation on-ground is surely going to destroy you but guess what, it is only there to make you a better and stronger person. Most times, people get into financial crises as a result of certain habits and attitudes that they didn’t know were always there. So when a financial crisis hits like that, it helps you to realize your habits and change them.

In some other instances, financial crises come from no fault of yours, but because you have always allowed your emotions to get a greater part of you, you get really broken. However, when a crisis hits like this, it is always an opportunity to handle that toxic emotion. The same holds true for ego and pride. Most times, people have not handled their ego, so when a financial crisis hits, they are just not able to take it. So they get depressed because they feel they are not supposed to go through things like.

But you see, my friend it shouldn’t be that way. You’ve got to understand that financial crises are designed to help you become a better person. It will help you handle that toxic emotion, ego problem and most importantly, it will help you fix that wrong habits. But you must be willing to become better and not throw in the towel.


Financial crises help you to become independent of money. Now, this is something very important I really want you to understand. Over the years lots of people have unconsciously built their life around money. They are so dependent on it to the point that when it is not available, they cannot survive. However, this is an adjustment you can make from a financial crisis. It teaches you how to be independent of money. It teaches you how to survive without the money factor and this is one of the best things that can happen to you, trust me.

You must come to that place where you understand that there is more to your life than just money. You must understand that money shouldn’t be the reason for your existence because truly it is not. Money is just a part of life not a reason for life. The moment you understand this, you will never be financially depressed. So always learn to look beyond money and understand that you are in this world for a far more important purposes than money.


You still have a bright future irrespective of that financial crisis: This is yet another important reason you should not be depressed financially. You’ve got to understand that the financial crisis that you have today, does not change the fact that you can still have a very prosperous future. Yes, you heard me right.

You’ve need to know that, no matter what you face or go through financially, you are still wired to be rich. So take a cue from this and always remember that you have a bright future irrespective of your current situation. Let that future be your focus not the immediate situation on ground.


I want to encourage you to strengthen yourself with these words. I know that the financial crisis right now is really tough but don’t allow it to move you into that place of depression. Your life is much more important than any money or job you may have lost already. So set your focus on the future and let it be your inspiration. Instead of breaking under the pressure, seek to look for a lasting solution.

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