I am a Pastor, an entrepreneur, best-selling author, a life coach, a marriage counsellor, an educator and a financial literacy activist. I have served in various capacities both in the Christian fold and also in the circular world. I am the CEO of Odoolise Consultancy Private Limited, and an author of five life-changing books, including “Depression Management” now turned “Get your life back”, “Crack the Money Code” and my debut master classic, “Seven Steps That Guarantees Financial Freedom”. I am the founder of the Money Code Academy, a resource that provides financial and business education to people through books, blogs, seminars, workshops and courses.

I started Money Code Academy as a way to help others demystify the issue of money and help them to crack the money code. I did this because as a pastor I met so many people whose major challenge was money and when they come to me what I do most of the time is to pray for them and encourage them to stay strong. But I noticed that, that was not helping matters, so I began to ponder on what could be a real solution to this and in the process, I was led by God to educate myself on money matters. Incidentally, while I was pondering on ways to help, I too began to face some money challenge that I didn’t quite bargain for, so I decided to educate myself on financial matters so that I could know better and teach the principles of money. Guess what? Few years down the line, what I learnt became the foundation of this academy. Though I intended to help others, I ended up helping myself a great deal because most of the things I learnt has helped me so far in my financial journey. 

Over time, I have been privileged to empower lots of people through my books, blogs, workshops and courses on financial education. I am the host of the Money Code Podcast and the founder of the Money Code TV. My mission is to continually change lives around the world and help them come out of the rut of poverty. I believe that the issue of poverty can be dealt with through financial education. It is the key to defeating poverty for good. So I have tailored this website to help you realize your true potential, take charge of your financial life and live the life you have always dreamed of living.

Money Code Academy is a resource designed to be a source of inspiration, self-development in money matters and change for those who refuse to conform to the status quo. On this website I passionately share all the secrets I have learnt that is required to generate cash, manage it and multiply it. Not only so, you will find practical, inspirational, and thoughtful content on business (Traditional and online business) as well. I believe that if you give yourself to learning new things about money, you will not struggle for it anymore. What you learn here will nurture you in financial matters, open your heart, and help you see the possibilities that are there before you. If you are open to learning new things, you can become financially free and live the life of your dreams.