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Franklin Odigwe
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I will begin with a question: “does the absence of money affect your self–confidence?” Do you feel helpless when you don’t have money? Well, if you do, you are not alone. Some time ago, I actually found myself in a position where I didn’t have money to do certain things and it affected my confidence a great deal. I couldn’t plan or pursue my endeavors because there was this feeling in me that says “you don’t have money right now”. This went on for a long time, and some things that I could have easily got done if there was money was undone, because I just felt there was no need to look into those areas since there was no money. 

This lingered on until something happened that changed the game for me. I needed to get something done by all means so I decided to go and check how much it will cost and to my surprise, they were on sale and I was able to afford it. And then lots of other things I really needed to do with money started getting done even though I didn’t quite have the money to do them.  I just realized that one way or the other, they were all getting settled. Then it occurred to me that I should have never allowed the lack of money to affect my confidence. And I am saying the same thing to you today, no matter the financial condition you find yourself, never put your confidence in money. Or rather, never allow the lack of money to affect your confidence. More importantly never allow the presence of money to boost your confidence as well because money has no guarantee. 

If you allow the presence or absence of money to determine or dictate your confidence level, chances are, that you may never be able to accomplish certain things in life. You will be forced to live your life every day with a low level of confidence. So instead of subjecting yourself to that, let your confidence be in God and in the ability that He has given to you. Money is an external factor that should never be depended upon. It can fail you at any time, so you have to be wise.

I was able to achieve the things I finally achieved at that time without money because my confidence was taken away from the ability of money and placed on the ability God has given to me as an individual. It’s a grave mistake to allow money determine your confidence level, it can ruin you if you live your life like that. Therefore, it is important that you begin today to reprogram yourself rightly. Take your eyes off the ability of money and start looking at the ability God has given to you. Look at your ability to be creative, your ability to negotiate and your ability to come up with options that can get matters settled. In my own case, all I had to do was to give someone a proposal. Even though I didn’t have the money at that moment, it did not deter me from doing the things I needed to do. But before I came up with this plan, I was leaving lots of things undone because I had unconsciously built my confidence around money. This is the mistake many people have made in their lives that have made them to break down in their lives when there was no money. It is still the same reason lots of people feel helpless and hopeless when they have no job. They have come to believe that only money can give them a purpose in life, so because there is no job and money, they feel useless. They live in emotional trauma; they are unable to enjoy their lives and live happily because the feeling of no money has clouded their sense of being. That has to change today if you want to live a happy life. Many have committed suicide, gotten depressed and felt helpless because they felt there was no money. So, choose to be different and live your life totally independent of money.

Now, does this mean money is not important? Am I trying to undermine the power of money? Of course not, there is so much you can do with money. It makes things happen very fast and it can turn things around pretty fast but guess what, when you are so reliant on it, it destroys your ability as a rational being. You lose sight of what you can do as an individual and put your whole life on what money can do, so avoid this now and start looking at the things you can do. Let go of money power and tap into self-power. There is so much you can achieve if you will take this seriously. So, the next time you start feeling low because of the absence of money, remind yourself that money is not the reason you are alive today. There are a whole lot of other factors that are keeping you alive, take advantage of those other factors and enjoy your life. You want to be able to enjoy freedom in your life at the end of the day and this cannot happen, if you are heavily reliant on money and what it can do. Do not be like many out there who without money, they feel they are nothing. Be the man or woman, who still remains relevant even though there is no money. I just hope you catch this; I am going to repeat that. Be the man that still remains relevant to His world, even though there is no money. Maintain your confidence and know who you are.


  • Like I said earlier, it will destroy your ability. Your focus will always be on what money can do and not on what you can do
  • It will make you feel you can’t do much when there is no money, but the truth is that the presence of money does not determine what you can do. Achievement in life is a thing of the mind, if you have the right mind-set, you can still achieve a lot without money. Understand this, with or without money, there is no limit to what you can do and achieve if you set your heart to do it. So, look inwards not outwards
  • Dependence on money power, will rob you of your confidence and quality of life you should have lived.
  • I hope this has encouraged you today and fired you up on the attitude you should possess towards money. If you were inspired, kindly let me know exactly what inspired you and share with your friends and family. And if you haven’t subscribed yet to this podcast, kindly do so on iTunes or YouTube so that I can keep fired up to win financially and enjoy financial freedom.

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