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Franklin Odigwe
Franklin Odigwe
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With job and salary cuts in recent months, many people have been left stranded without jobs. Most people are already frustrated and depressed because even though there have been salary cuts, the bills and expenses have remained the same. So, what most people are basically doing is trying to get another job because that is what they have always known as the next action to take. But you see, while that is a good idea, it is not a sustainable idea for three reasons:

  • The chances of getting a job opening out there are limited.
  • The company you are looking to get a job probably just laid off some workers, so they will not be in a hurry to recruit anyone.
  • The number of people looking for the kind of job you are looking for is higher than the jobs available

This makes looking for a job not a viable option even though it is something you should do. So, if you want to survive financially during this economic downturn and financial crisis, you must channel your focus to men and not just companies. In other words, think men, not companies. You might say, but why? Well, I will be giving you five reasons why I said so.


Channeling your focus to companies at this point and waiting for the one that will hire you is not a really wise thing to do at this point even though it is necessary and the reason is that most companies are literally out of business as we speak. Although there are many companies out there recruiting no doubt, they are few compared to those that are not recruiting at all. Remember, these companies have also been shut down during the lockdown and hence have not made any profit that is enough to pay workers and maintain their running costs. So, channeling all your focus to companies will be a big mistake to make. If you truly want to survive, I would advise that while you are looking to get a job, you should also look for ways in which you have to meet individual needs.


Again, this is yet another reason why you should not channel your focus to companies but to men if you want to survive financially. You know, when it comes to making money the key principle here is solving problems and meeting needs. Now, when you are looking for a job, you are indirectly saying to the company that you want to solve their problems which right now are very limited. Even before the pandemic, the job openings in various companies can never be more than 300 at a time which is even so much but right now, their job openings have shrunk a great deal because these companies do have budgets and would love to make profits too.
So imagine all your focus on just getting a job, your chances are very less, but if you are looking in the direction of solving the problems of individuals, you can be sure to have more than a hundred thousand people out there with problems you can easily solve. All you need to do is figure out the problems you want to solve and look for a way to reach out to these people with the solutions that you have. I know that it is not really an easy route but if you can go through the rigors and figure it out, it can change your life forever. Because in men that is where the money is not in companies. Think about it.


This is yet another important reason you should consider men instead of companies. With companies, you get a fixed salary and it comes from one source and one man which is your employer but with men, you get income from different individuals which makes your life better because you are meeting an individual need. Imagine you are selling a product of about 30 dollars and you are able to make a minimum of hundred sales per month, you will earn well and earn better if you are able to scale it up. All you need to do is give it the attention and time that is required and work things out. So, this is enough reason you should consider this because the opportunities with men are more than the opportunities with companies. This is one reason you find that those who are meeting basic human needs are doing well financially because they are solving individual problems, not corporate problems. Now, does this mean you don’t have a chance with companies, of course, you do, I am just saying that you have a better chance with individuals if you are able to give your attention to it.
One of the reasons the likes of KFC, McDonald’s, and the rest of them are making lots of money today, is because they are meeting individual needs. So, think about this, this truth can literally change your life, if you can put your mind to work and refuse to be limited by the idea of unemployment.


This is one of the most important reasons you should look towards men and not companies at this time. Because with companies right now, salaries have become slow and inconsistent and you won’t blame them because they have expenses and running costs to maintain. Even before the issues that hit the world, many companies were already struggling and this makes them delay their salaries. Now, imagine what will happen when all things have become slow? But you see with individuals, you can afford to make money every day if you position yourself very well and reach your target audience. Again, as I said earlier, it may not be easy in the beginning but once you get it all figured out and are well-positioned, your life gets easier. So instead of waiting for a company that will employ you, I think it’s better you start looking for ways to solve people’s problems and earn from them regularly. The main point here is, utilizing your time well so that you can make the most of the moment, instead of just sitting at home and getting frustrated because you were laid off or rejected in that job interview you went for.


When your focus is majorly on getting a job, you should remember that you can be laid off at any time, especially in these times where things have become so uncertain. so that makes your finances unsecured and uncertain. But when your focus is on meeting the needs of men, you are able to determine how your finances go and this makes it the best option at this point. Although in the initials, there will be disappointments here and there. But once you have positioned yourself and your products or services, your life gets better.
I know that channeling your focus to men might not really be a simple decision to make because of the way you have been programmed over the years but it is not late to make an adjustment for the sake of your financial future. If there is one thing that many have learned in the recent economic collapse is that having your own business is so important. It is true that many businesses have suffered a major loss this season, but they are still able to take charge and steer things in other directions that could generate income for them. I know of many companies right now, that have added to their line of business or started another model of business just to be able to keep things together and generate income.

But for the guy who just got laid off, he is not able to do anything, because all he has learned on how to get money over the years is work for a company. So, if you want to survive financially this period and be able to secure your future, you must make a conscious decision to start considering looking towards men and not just companies. And guess what, it doesn’t stop you from looking for a job but it will save the frustrations of being rejected in an interview of staying without money with all the knowledge and skills that you have.

So, I encourage you to think about the things we have shared here because it will go a long way to help you! Alright, that will be all for this post, let me know what you think in the comment box, and if you like to see more of this kind of post, let me know as well. And don’t forget to share the post and tag someone who really needs to hear this today.

Until I speak to you again, keep cracking the money. God bless you!

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